Oakland Challenger Forum

Sunday, September 27, 2020
5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Meet the candidates who are seeking a chance to fix our city:

  • Derreck Johnson. (At Large) The owner of a popular restaurant, Mr. Johnson hired formerly incarcerated gang members and helped remove obstacles for them to rejoin society. He is committed to helping small businesses recover from the coronavirus epidemic. He has been endorsed by Kamala Harris and Mayor Schaaf.
  • Nancy Sidebotham. (At Large) A longtime community activist and a tax consultant who knows her way around financial statements, Nancy has been serving her immediate community for 50 years. “From missing pets to trash removal, from abandoned cars to petty thievery, from domestic to elder abuse — I’ve seen and dealt with it all.” She has been chair of the Beat 29X NCPC for the last twenty years.
  • Stephanie Walton. (District One) A radio producer, avid volunteer, and community advocate, Steph Walton has lived in District One for 15 years. She is committed to representing the concerns of her neighbors and delivering “action driven by empathy.” She has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, East Bay Young Democrats, and a number of local unions. Zarina Ahmad, the principal of Piedmont Avenue Elementary School calls Steph Walton a “person of action.”
  • Tri Ngo. (District One) An MIT-educated engineer who moved to the Bay Area to work for Tesla, Tri was born in a refugee camp. He is motivated to run by the condition of Oakland’s homeless encampments, which are worse than the refugee camps he knew as a child.
  • Seneca C. Scott (District Three) A longtime union organizer, negotiator, and leader, Seneca sees the homeless encampments as the number one issue in this election. He is seeking to understand why the $300 million per year that the county has allocated to address to address homelessness ($900 million over three years) has not made a discernible difference. He is also a chef and a gardener, and has run a popular “pop-up” restaurant out of his community garden called The Bottoms-Up Cafe.
  • Eli Ferran. (Oakland City Attorney) A deputy city attorney in the office of the Oakland City Attorney, Mr. Ferran resigned to run for office. He is committed to ethical public service and to providing the council with solid legal advice. He has been endorsed by Supervisor Keith Carson, former state assemblymember Sandre Swanson, former city council member Jane Brunner, and the East Bay Young Democrats, among others.

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